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34/365: working out wide

i once saw another photographer’s images of her kids taken only in wide angles.  it was such an interesting perspective of how things look when disproportionately distorted.  today was my first try and i had some fun with it.  i asked ben to pretend like he was the parent giving me that stern parent look.  i can’t wait to try this again because it’s just so cool to see!


33/365: working on his orders

he got this rainbow loom over christmas and i think he has been trying to fulfill orders for about as long.  i say that it’s teaching him responsibility, commitment, as well as fine motor skills.  but, who am i kidding?!  if i had this as a little girl, i would be over the moon!  i had to stop myself from learning all the other fancy things you can make just so ben could learn some core values.  he’s hard at work on those bracelets and even starts doing them without me prompting him, so i guess that’s a step in the right direction!


31/365: my eyes have been opened

i treated myself to getting a manicure today.  i kept hearing ‘oh! you should get the gel nails for your next manicure!  they last for 2 weeks!’  after my last manicure that lasted only 3 days, i decided to give it a try!  can i tell you that i am in love?!?  no more babying your hands after you leave because they are dry the moment you step out of the chair.  it was like freedom! the only bad thing about them is the uv light they shine on them.  i pretreated with an spf but i still had to fight my instinct to shelter them.  i think i am a convert for sure!


30/365: braised collard greens

i’m totally going southern now!  i love how a simple cooking show can inspire you to try a new ingredient.  i have never used collard greens before, so i was interested in trying.  when i went to the market, it was on sale!  i knew it had to be a good sign.  the good news was that it turned out delicious.  the bad news was the boys hated it.  i guess we will have to revisit collard greens in the future sometime.