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39/365: no takers

don’t you just hate when you see the most gorgeous light coming through your window and no one wants to go outside to take a picture?!?!?  i know… me too!!!  luckily, james felt guilty enough to help me out and stand in.  i wasn’t going for a silhouette tonight, but whatever, when i have no takers, i’ll take a silhouette any day!


37/365: snowing in february

it’s times like these when i am grateful that i didn’t get rid of my snow boots before moving to texas!  i think we may have gotten an inch of snow and it mostly melted by early evening, but we still got an early dismissal from school.  it wasn’t so bad driving in it, but i don’t trust those texas drivers!  we got home early, played in the snow for a little bit before going in for some hot chocolate and a nice fire in the fireplace.  best thursday ever!


36/365: nai nai’s salmon

my sous chef, ben, learned his very first recipe.  together, we made nai nai’s (ben’s grandmother) salmon!!  he was super excited to learn because it is one of his favorite things to eat and it only has three ingredients!  he measured, whisked and handled the big piece of salmon like he has done it many times before.  the real payoff for me was watching him take his first taste of the dish he made.  i wished all dishes only had three ingredients!


35/365: just another everyday

a day in the life of the yau’s… mismatched table and chairs, james working on his laptop, andrew coloring, and i am helping ben with his homework.  i know i am going to treasure this image in the future!