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44/365: a little ‘happy’

james and i are so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful friend in our realtor.  we have worked with her ever since we moved to texas and she has been ever so patient with us as we decided on our perfect home.  every christmas and valentine’s day since we came here, she has left a little ‘happy’ as she calls it on our front step.  the boys think she is just the coolest and she is just one of many people that we love having as our friend here!


43/365: value of money

we emptied out ben’s piggy bank today to see how much was *really* in there.  we did a little math along the way to collecting all those coins and in the end he collected $27.50 to split between him and andrew.  he’s got a long way to go to learn what the value of money is, so we will take baby steps first!


41/365: i like stripes

i knew i liked stripes, but i didn’t really *know* how much until we got the boys’ new beds today.  but, i mean, come on!!  the bedding, the clothes and the actual beds?!  i guess i would be a stripe-a-holic! lol!


40/365: newest love

after starting this journey 6 years ago, i finally got a new lens!  the amount of times that i have rented this baby, i probably could have purchased it a long time ago, but that’s all water under the bridge now because she is all mine now!!!  we have been inseparable since she arrived! 😉