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48/365: santa’s present

santa’s present to ben arrived late this year.  it was so heartbreaking to try to explain to a 6 year old that santa didn’t forget about him, but perhaps, hid it somewhere in our new house.  days after christmas, ben got the surprise he was waiting for and a renewed belief that he was good after all.  that is… until we tried to play with his actual present… a hot wheels car maker.  after a few attempts and some strange sounds later, we gave up on the toy.  it didn’t work.  talk about a major disappointment in santa!  luckily, santa came through again and sent a new hot wheels car maker for him.

we tried it today and hallelujah!  it works!!!!  it was hours of fun for the boys to make car after car.  i hope this makes up for at least another year of christmas magic for ben.


47/365: short sleeves weather

while my family is covered with snow and wearing layers of warm clothing, we are finally getting some amazing weather!  this time of year is the best time to be in texas… blue bonnets are just around the corner! my family, who are braving this endless winter, will probably be laughing at me when it’s 100+ down here.


46/365: heaven

it must have seemed like a lifetime to a couple of young boys from when we counted the money in their piggy bank to the actual store visit.  we went fairly early in the day and it seemed like they had the entire store to themselves.  this is what heaven must feel like to a child.  an hour later, they each found something that they wanted and under budget!

this probably won’t be happening again any time soon!


45/365: valentine’s day chaos

it was a busy valentine’s day for me!  two parties, 45 valentine’s day cards and a special dinner for my little valentines at home were all in the works.  i popped in for my first party of the day at andrew’s school.  (can you find him?) i’m not sure having a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds passing out cards to each other will ever be orderly as the teachers hope, but one can ‘try.’  but, really, it was no more organized in the kindergarten class either.

we celebrated at home later in the evening with a special dinner made my james (such a rare treat) and some home made chocolate covered strawberries made my yours truly!