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4/365: family fun day

we added some culture to our boys’ lives by taking them to a children’s theater… to watch the circus!  lol!  it seems like every time i look into taking them to a show, i either miss the show completely, or tickets are sold out.  i totally lucked out this weekend!  we got tickets to an action-packed, kid friendly circus, all performed inside a theater!  no animals or flying through the air type stunts, but there were tons of juggling, clowns, and light sticks that become weapons by the end of the show.  the boys absolutely loved it!  we had a chance to meet the stars of the shows, but i think andrew was so overwhelmed by the entire experience that he wanted to leave and i guess process it all again.

afterwards, we stopped at the mall before going to dinner.  more fun to be had at the apple store!


3/365: hat trick

winter indoor soccer started again today after a nice, relaxing two weeks free, from practice and games!  ben scored a hat trick and i only got mediocre pictures of two of them.  i missed one goal completely.  ben is behind player #21.  if you look *really* closely and squint a little too, you may see his black soccer shoes.  but, that’s the ball he kicked going into the goal for sure! 😉


2/365: orange sweet rolls

i’m still working on catching up on sleep that seems to have been evading me since two nights ago.  in my stretch of sleeplessness this morning, i made dough from a recipe that i have been wanting to try.  my sous chef was more than happy to help me punch the dough and roll it out when everyone woke at a more decent time.  i’m really praying for a top chef appearance for this little dude in his future.  he seriously loves to cook with his mama!


1/365: Happy New Year!

impulse decisions… i make them a lot!  i was standing at the kitchen sink after a night of crazy partying with friends and all 8 or 9 kids (i lost count), i thought i really should do a 365 project again.  so much has changed since the last time i successfully completed one and there’s always so much more to learn.  so, why not?  i looked longingly at my camera and thought she needs to be out capturing all the good and bad stuff with life and everything in between.

so we will start with day 1 and see how far it gets me this time.  i hope to go outside of my comfort zone and learn to embrace the imperfect and along the way, also get a little better too.

the boys and i literally spent the entire day in our pajamas!  these crazy kids and their parents stayed out to almost 1am ringing in the new year!  i can’t even tell you the last time i actually watched the ball drop.  i will tell you, it was long enough that i didn’t know there was no time delay between new york new years and texas new years.  so, we celebrated new years twice in one night!


easy as riding a bike!

we have reached another milestone in the yau household!  ben has started riding a bike… without training wheels too!  he only recently started riding the balance bike we got him two years ago.  (he’s been a scooter maniac this entire time!)  he made some major strides with it and we thought this would be the perfect time to get him his first big bike.  we went to a local bike shop over the weekend and he picked the ‘bike on fire’ instead of the usual blue.  james gave him a quick lesson on how to start the bike and how to get on and off safely and he was off!  you couldn’t wipe that smile off his face!  such a proud moment… i got pics, video and i even started tearing up!!  (god help me when he graduates high school!)  watch out… he’s going places!



and i think it goes without saying that my 365 project for 2014 is defunct!  maybe i just work better in odd numbered years?!  but, i still plan on shooting, so keep checking back! 🙂