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9/365: apple peeling

i started peeling apples in one long strip to entertain my kids.  they like to see how long i can get it before it breaks off.  it’s one of those random things in life that make me smile, so why not?!


8/365: crazy and carefree

my sweet helper came out with me as i was trying to figure out what to take for today.  he even took a few pictures with my big camera!  (i had to help hold the camera for him though! 😉 ) he’s so goofy and so lovable!



Love it!

7/365: family game night

now that the boys are getting older, we have been able to enjoy some legit family game nights!  candy land and chutes and ladders were fun and all, but nothing beats playing for money with this competitive family.  the game of life is one of the newest additions. it’s so interesting to see what the boys choose and how it translates to their personality.


6/365: de-christmasing

the worst part about christmas is when it’s over.  the tree has been taken down and all the decorations have been put away except for the outside lights.  those will be coming down in the days ahead, but i had to get one last shot of them!


5/365: unposed cool

it’s rare when my kids have a camera in their face and they act like it’s not there.  usually, i get a cheesy smile or some goofy stunt.  i totally lucked out today in getting my camera out in time and in focus to snap this pic before the elevators door open.  talk about a fast photo session!