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202/365: doing back flips

so i guess since he’s got the swimming part down, he’s moving towards more advanced moves in the pool.  first it was cannonballs, then ninja kicks into the pool, forward flips, and now he’s turn his sights on doing back flips.  

201/365: First rainbow

no matter how old you get, rainbows are one of those things that are just amazing each time you get to see one.  tonight the boys saw their first rainbow!  sure, we have witnessed a lot of the boys’ ‘firsts,’ but when they can vocalize their excitement and realize it’s their ‘first’ time, it is truly memorable!  james and i loved fielding those questions that followed… like where’s the rest of the rainbow?  or how long does it stay?  or our favorite, where’s the pot of gold?

200/365: Well, hello there!

so glad you made it to my new place!  how do you like it?!  i’m still getting settled, so please forgive the mess.

welcome to my new site!  it’s been ‘in the works’ for a while and i didn’t know when would be the ‘right’ time to debut it.  so, i figured to celebrate day 200 of my 365… as well as my birthday… how apropro for this site to have a birthdate the same as me?! 🙂

happy birthday, new website!  enjoy the cupcake! 😉


Karen- I am so happy to see that you have a website- your work is so original and gorgeous! I’ll be checking in often!