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14/365: flashy

i’m learning how to use a flash because not everything i take has the best lighting.  it’s been slow learning so far, so things will look a little… flashy.


13/365: tuesday morning

after we dropped brother off to school this morning, this little guy and i had some mommy and me time at mcdonalds.  nothing beats a hash brown and some playground time right before school!


12/365: fresh

one of my favorite go-to recipes is the pioneer woman’s greek salad.  maybe i have grown accustomed to feta cheese or maybe i just love the little sweetness in her dressing, but i can eat this salad in a big bowl all by myself!  it’s that delicious!




11/365: it’s cold outside

we are not used to 30 degree weather in texas… at least i no longer am!  so, since we have nothing important to do, we all stayed home and played and watched football.  i’m still discovering the light in my house and even though it was an overcast day, i thought i would play a little.  thanks to my sweet helper again, who is always there to help his mama!