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18/365: doing rainbows

this boy is obsessed with all sorts of different soccer tricks.  one of them is called a rainbow, where you essentially try to roll the ball onto your leg and then kick it in the air with your heel so that it goes up and over, landing in front of you.  very difficult and something that a 7 year old should probably try after he’s mastered the fundamentals.


17/365: another weekend, another game

we are definitely a soccer family.  soccer practice, soccer games, soccer birthday parties.  everything revolves around it.  i used to resist going to the practices and the time it takes away from our family, but now it’s actually enjoyable to watch.


16/365: express train

a father in his class saw him run into the school the other day so fast that he called him an ‘express train!’  he’s so fast no one can catch him!  he’s like a blur.


15/365: breakfast

whenever i ask for his help with my ‘picture project,’ he always flashes a huge smile.  i need to remind myself that sometimes i don’t need to tell him about my ‘picture project’ so that i can get those sweet in-between moments.  but, i’ll take his help and his smile any day! 🙂