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Monthly Archives: January 2014

31/365: my eyes have been opened

i treated myself to getting a manicure today.  i kept hearing ‘oh! you should get the gel nails for your next manicure!  they last for 2 weeks!’  after my last manicure that lasted only 3 days, i decided to give it a try!  can i tell you that i am in love?!?  no more babying […]

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30/365: braised collard greens

i’m totally going southern now!  i love how a simple cooking show can inspire you to try a new ingredient.  i have never used collard greens before, so i was interested in trying.  when i went to the market, it was on sale!  i knew it had to be a good sign.  the good news […]

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29/365: breakfast with tiger

andrew found this little tiger in the heaping pile of stuffed animals that we are trying to donate.  he had him at dinner last night and had to have him for breakfast this morning.  could he be replacing his beloved dog with tiger now?!

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28/365: little reader

i spoke to a friend last night, whom i haven’t spoken to in years!  (isn’t it just wonderful no matter how and where life takes you, it’s like no time has past when you talk to your friend again?!)  we both have kids close in age and she said how hard it is to teach […]

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27/365: just a bowl of eggs

is it weird that i found a feather on one of my eggs the other day?!  i know where they come from, but to actually see it was a bit surprising.  there doesn’t seem to be anything more wholesome than a bowl of eggs.  i feel like i can spend the entire day baking or […]

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