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Monthly Archives: October 2013

303/365: Wednesday doldrums

we are busy packing and preparing for a move that will be happening.  plus it was raining all day so i didn’t feel like picking up a camera. here are those ducks that marched up to greet us when ben and i went for our photo break.

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302/365: what a bargain

luckily, he agreed to help me today… in exchange for some wii time.  we went to the park and saw a bunch of ducks walk towards us as i found my location.  ben got a kick out of them and snapped him out of his grumpy mood.  so i had a little quality time with […]

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301/365: purge mode

we are slowly approaching the day that i have been waiting for!!  i’m learning my lesson from our last move… oh just 6 months ago… to not bring stuff that we don’t need anymore.  i’m going to show no mercy to the boys’ old clothes, scrappy toys, and shirts i haven’t worn in more than […]

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300/365: food truck heaven!

soccer camp got rained out from last night’s downpour, so we decided to spend the morning at one of the city’s parks.  this park is super fun!  they have a playground, water features, and this morning, they had a fitness class for anyone to jump in!  oh… and they also have a bunch of food […]

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