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Monthly Archives: September 2013

273/365: newbie again

nothing like picking up a different lens to make me feel like a newbie again!  macros are so hard, but i’m vowing to get better at them because when done right, they are just so amazing.  here’s my attempt for today…

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272/365: break from shopping

andrew needed new sneakers and while we were looking, he also needed some kind of soccer shoe.  of course, we arrived at the soccer store 15 minutes before it closed.  the salesperson brought out the only pair of size 8 soccer cleats for my little guy and they were bright BRIGHT green!!  talk about flashy! […]

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271/365: final weeks hopefully

we took another little peek of our house and not much has changed since our visit two days before.  but, now as it gets closer to final day (which we still have to find out), we go to start planning what we will be doing to do the space.  furniture shopping is next on the […]

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270/365: tiny bubbles

it’s macro time again!  i rented a macro lens to pump up the creativity juices that have been lacking.  i’m having lots of fun looking at the small details again.

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