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Monthly Archives: August 2013

243/365: Dominoes!

i don’t know how people can make those massive domino lines that go up hills and in swirls.  i can only imagine how long it would take to build something like that.  it was hard enough to make a very simple line.  of course, i did have a 3 year old who kept asking if […]

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242/365: my morning at mcdonalds

i thought i would cry when i walked ben into kindergarten on the first day.  but, i didn’t.  what really surprised me was on the last day of his first week, i was filled with this overwhelming sense of proud mama.  we drove up to the front of the school, he jumped out of the […]

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241/365: learning to embrace new techniques

i’m always searching for new inspiration for this 365, but today i was reading a tutorial on how to shoot using your widest aperture.  i considered using various technical aspects for an image, but not as an actual study.  this tutorial helped spark my interest to achieve the dreamy bokeh that photographers love.  the problem […]

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240/365: new mascot maybe?

soccer season has started and we got ben’s new team jersey today!  this is an extra one just in case we had a new player that wanted to be on the team.  he seems better at being the team mascot than an actual player for the moment.

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239/365: prettiness in the mail

look what i got today… my new erin condren life planner!  i’ve had my eye on one for a while now and decided to take the plunge and just get one.  even with all the technology, i think i may do better with still writing it down.  i guess we will see after this year […]

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