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Monthly Archives: July 2013

212/365: Now where is that light?

so, i went to a chiropractor today.  it has been my first visit in 2 years.  i was hoping that the last adjustment i had would stick and i wouldn’t need to go again, but oh well… it seems like i was all sorts of out of whack today!  i thought i only needed my […]

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211/365: batter up!

tuesdays are softball night here in the yau household.  last week, we got crushed… like 14-0 crushed!  today, james and his coworkers made a strong showing and won 12-11!  good game high fives all around!  as usual, ben was super interested during the entire game and it was so cute to watch him.  he is […]

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210/365: he’s getting too big

the things he has said these past couple weeks so i don’t forget. a:  my boy likes apples juice. me:  who’s your boy? a:  willie (his best friend) “you need to make good choices, not bad choices or you will sit in time out!” (said in response when his older brother got in trouble) “mommy, […]

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209/365: sunday bowling

we enjoyed a little family bowling time after the boys spent some time with their friends while james and i went mattress shopping… again!  there’s nothing like a little competitiveness between family members, right?!  andrew was looking forward to this since yesterday, after our exhausting day at the safari.  no rest for the weary, right?! […]

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208/365: a safari and then some

we took a day trip to visit one of the the best safaris in the dfw area.  the boys were really looking forward to it just so they could feed the animals!  we were wondering if we would see any animals, since we got a late start to the day and apparently the hot midday […]

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